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Sports Performance-Enhancement - Why Nothing Beats Hydrogen Biohacking!

Sports Performance-Enhancement - Why Nothing Beats Hydrogen Biohacking!

What is the Biohacking Breakthrough?

Research studies in this field have been accumulating for years now, and we are now at a point where it is no longer a mystery whether or not, or why, hydrogen has strong antioxidant and performance enhancing benefits, when ingested dissolved in drinking water.

This subject should be on the top-list of every professional athlete and sports team world-wide, not only because of its physiological benefits, but also because it exerts a strong protection for the individual, down to the cellular level, to cope with the extra stress generated during training and competition.

Hydrogen water studies in sports performance has even documented that hydrogen rich water has the ability to substantially lower lactate levels, increase restitution and decrease or even prevent early phase peak performance muscle decline.

Here is an overview of the many benefits referenced in hydrogen water research studies, that could prove to be win or lose factor:

  • Reduces the formation of lactic acid / lowers lactate levels
  • Decreases acute exercise muscle fatigue
  • Increase VO2-max and sports performance
  • Decreases oxidative stress
  • Decreases inflammation post exercise
  • Scavenges harmful hydroxyl radicals
  • Increases endogenous antioxidant and vitamin status
  • Supports faster muscle recovery / reduces soreness
  • Improves sport recovery time
  • Supports healing after sports related injury
  • Enhances the appearance of skin
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar and availability
  • Protects against radiation and toxicity damages
  • Protects against and reverses DNA damages
  • Supports cognitive performance
  • Improves hydration

Read on and be amazed by the many interesting studies referenced on the collected list. Just follow the link further below.

Just how much hydrogen can one receive from various methods?

According to a study on mice with Parkinson's Disease, hydrogen rich water was able to blunt the Parkinson's associated movement/behavior, and showed that drinking hydrogen water could compare quite closely to the more expensive solutions, such as receiving pressurized hydrogen in what is called, a hyperbaric hydrogen chamber. In fact, drinking simple hydrogen water ad libitum, was more effective than continuous flow hydrogen gas or the hydrogen generating laxative, Lactulose.

The study explains: 

"... When a 60-kg person drinks 1000 ml of 72% saturated hydrogen water, the hydrogen concentration of the body water is expected to become... 0.016 mM (2% saturation), which is identical to the hydrogen concentration achieved by a person staying in a 2% hydrogen chamber."

Hydrogen-Rich Water Pilot Study on Elite Athletes:

"Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue caused by acute exercise in elite athletes "

Muscle contraction during short intervals of intense exercise causes oxidative stress, which can play a role in the development of over-training symptoms, including increased fatigue, resulting in muscle micro-injury or inflammation. Recently it has been said that hydrogen can function as antioxidant, so we investigated the effect of hydrogen-rich water (HW) on oxidative stress and muscle fatigue in response to acute exercise.

Although acute exercise resulted in an increase in blood lactate levels in the subjects given Placebo Water, oral intake of Hydrogen Rich Water prevented an elevation of blood lactate during heavy exercise. Peak torque of Placebo Water significantly decreased during maximal isokinetic knee extension, suggesting muscle fatigue, but peak torque of Hydrogen Rich Water didn't decrease at early phase. There was no significant change in blood oxidative injury markers (d-ROMs and BAP) or creatine kinase after exercise.

Adequate hydration with hydrogen-rich water pre-exercise reduced blood lactate levels and improved exercise-induced decline of muscle function..".

Read the fully study here:

See a large list of relevant studies relating to hydrogen in sports performance enhancement and protection. The data is ordered according to which field it claims to touch or benefit, so you can easily find what interests you:

Hydrogen Water Research Study List: Hydrogen Water in Sports Performance Enhancement
The list is a two column comparison between the benefits from hydrogen water and isotopic purified water, also known as deuterium depleted water or DDW.

Biohacking taken to a whole new level

Based on what has been suggested in this brief article, it should be "THE Subject" to look further into, for any biohacker or professional sports athlete, cos even for the skeptical minded person, if just 10% of what is claimed in terms of benefits, could be attained, this would be the biggest breakthrough in sports supplementation and natural performance enhancement ever.

There is a way to find out of cause...

If you want to contact the company in relation to purchases, development or manufacturing of high concentration hydrogen water products for your company, clinic, hospital, sports team or more, you can use the link further below.

Now it is possible to get all the benefits from hydrogen in the most effective way.
The Hydrogen Innovation Company Ltd, has produced a line of ready to drink products, available to the individual athlete, to sports clubs and health organizations who could stand to benefit from implementing this.

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